Katalyst for the succesful team.

I help leaders and leadership team become more
focused and conscious.



Catalyst for the succesful team.

I help leaders and leadership teams become more focused and conscious.

Succesful teams under extreme conditions.

Reorganizations, mergers, new strategies and vital restructuring. Not to mention increased globalization and a stronger competition. The world is constantly moving, and changes are everyday life of most companies. There is no status quo, and you as a leader must navigate in this and create consensus. You must demonstrate calmness and overview, be present, confident and have a coaching approach.

And when the going gets tough, it is you they are looking at. You, who need to show direction, you, who need to take responsibility, you, who create the necessary framework for the company and the people to achieve the goals.

In such times, it is good to know that there are actually processes that get your team through the stormy weather. That there are methods and proven models to help you. And that I at SLOTSAGER have it all under control.

Business Psychology specialized in Leadership Team Development and Executive Coaching.