Catalyst for your development and 
Executive Coach


Catalyst for your development

Authenticity, presence and trust. 

Three qualities that make the individual work in the group, make teams perform and make reorganizations succeed. In a world where things go fast, everyday life is becoming increasingly digitalized and decisions are being made 24/7, it is crucial to stop. 

Stop and have a look at yourself, stop the endless back-to-back meetings, look each other in the eyes and sense the dynamic. Identify the processes beneath the surface, between you and your colleagues and what comes in the wake of the changes.

“Susanne can change a program she has set, and it was important to us that it was not a standard she delivered. We could tell that it was prepared for us, that she has respect for the people sitting in the room…and is able to adjust to them. And Susanne is really good at facilitating. She pointed out our blind spots, so we had some aha experiences and achieved a new awareness in looking at each other. She asked questions that made us get closer to both ourselves and the team.” 

Ulla Wesmann
Director, Quick Care 

“Susanne has created a forum for us, where there is an openness and willingness to work together. She has managed to create consensus with super easy and transparent means and her input has been both concrete and down to earth. We have been able to see ourselves in it and have been able to continue working with it in everyday life – and that is the most important thing” Read more about the case here…

Tom Zøllner
Business Unit Manager, ABB

“As a director in a small organization where I do not have an equal sparring partner, a close and trusting collaboration with Susanne has been a great help to me. I have processed and found solutions for some organizational and personal challenges, which has meant that I have increased my efficiency in my daily work and gained greater mental strength in concrete issues”

Henrik Thykjær

“It was a pleasure to have you as a catalyst. You were sufficiently invisible and yet present. Thank you for guiding us through important considerations and reflections. A good foundation has been created to work on.”

Kirsten Ebbe Brich og Bente Bang
Chairman/Deputy Chairman, Danish district

“Some people want to draw attention to themselves … Susanne is more withdrawn. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t have an impact, because she does. It’s just not about her. I think that is a really good thing.”

Søren Lockwood
CEO, Danica Pension

“She strengthens me by seeing problems I haven’t seen before – and when I grasp the seed of something… something that has been in my subconscious… she grabs hold of it, concretizes it and make my unconscious thoughts conscious.”

Jørn Rindom Pedersen
Head of Process Flow Assurance and Engineering, Total

About me

I have a strong focus on the importance of healthy and present relationships because healthy relationships are important to help us achieve our results, success and well-being. It can both be the relationship with ourselves, as well as the relationship with our manager, team, peers etc. 

In my work, whether it is Leadership Team Development, Executive Coaching, Career Coaching, or individuel psychotherapy, it is typically questions like the ones below I am asked to help with.

  • How canI/we create more trust and better communication between us?
  • What is needed to establish the best conditions for trust and presence?
  • How do we embrace our differences?
  • How do I handle myself more constructively in relation to others?
  • What does it mean to be an authentic leader, parent, partner or child?
  • How do I/we set boundaries in a constructive way?
  • How do I/we listen better to my own needs and feelings?
  • How do I/we handle conflicts more constructively?

I hope you can relate to the importance of great relationships and if you are interested in hearing more let’s have a meet’n greet.

Parterapi med et par - Susanne Slotsager

2018 –
Founder Slotsager
(Businessl psychology and psychotherapy)

– Development of leadership teams
– Executive coaching
– Career development
– Individual therapy and couples therapy.
– The Psychology of Transformation (Program with Vivi Bach)
– Asst. partner at Maersk Training and Core Consulting CPH.

2014 – 2018
Global Senior Management Development Consultant, Danske Bank and Maersk Training

2011 – 2017
Frontwoman for the Danish Curling Association

2009 – 2014
Organizational Psychology Consultant, Master Denmark, etc.

2007- 2009
HR development consultant, Post Danmark

2000 – 2007
HR Manage, Columbus IT Partner
Business Partner, Scion DTU 

1992 – 2002
The Danish Curling National Team


Student, Emotions Focused Therapy, EFT Institute.

2-year Advanced superstructure in Intensive Dynamic Short-Term Therapy, ISTDP Institute.

3-year specialist training in Intensive Dynamic Short-Term Therapy, ISTDP Institute.

Master in Organizational Psychology, RUC.

Group Psychology, Green & Andersen Occupational Psychology

Social Adviser, The Social College.


Psychology tools and profiles

  • Bates Executive Presence.
  • JTI, Hogan, FIRO-B, PI, MPA, EASI, ACE
  • The career model from Decision Dynamic.


  • IPMA-D Project Management.
  • Situational Leadership II (SLII).
  • Cross Culture Programme.
  • Cross Culture, Richard Lewis Communication.
  • 6 Danish championships.
  • 1 silver World Senior Championships.
  • 2 bronze world championships.
  • 1 silver European champoinships.
  • Participation in 2 Olympics.