Career Coaching

with Susanne Slotsager, 
Catalyst for your development and Executive Coach

Career Coaching

Career Coaching with SLOTSAGER is a process that supports, clarifies, and gives you direction!

Enhancing Career Development is your personal journey towards reaching your full potential and plan the right next steps in your career. You will team up with a professional executive coach and in close cooperation with your coach, you will get the opportunity to take a step back and reflect upon how to reach your full potential and how to lead yourself on your future career.

Step 1: Assess & Understand where you are today

Insights, awareness and understanding of own background, motivational, drivers, personal values, own uniqueness, education, experience, and skills. We will apply relevant tools and methods like JTI personal profile, Role Analysis, and reflections.

Step 2: Envision & Explore your passion and dreams

Exploring your purpose and vision, your goals, and ambitions as well as need for work-life balance. We will apply a personal career profile (Karrieremodellen) and you will work with your “purpose in life”.

Step 3: Plan & Execute what it will take to reach your potential

Mapping and getting specific on resources in your network/stakeholders, competence development and personal development. All to end up with a concrete career plan on how the right next step looks like for you short term as well as long term.

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Susanne Slotsager is an independent Business Psychology Coach. She works as an Executive Coach and catalyst for your development. Learn more on 


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