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Tom Zøllner, a Business Manager in the global energy company ABB, is part of a rapidly developing market. His workdays rarely have time for pause – which is why he values this latest game changer: a leadership team driven by team spirit and a strong sense of self.

“As I see it, you don’t have a strong organization without a strong and cohesive leadership team. A group that is ever-improving through understanding both the business and the group dynamic itself,” says Zøllner, a business manager at ABB. A business unit that was formed a little over a year and a half ago, when three divisions merged into one, throwing both staff and management into a new configuration once again.

Professional Help

“ABB operates in an ever-changing market and we’re constantly being bombarded with different agendas and changes. A year and a half ago we merged three businesses, last week one of our sister organizations was sold off and a couple of months ago yet another one of our departments became centralized,” Zøllner says, stressing that he has learned to live with the fluctuating environment, and now looks back fondly on his journey of both developing and team building for the company’s leadership team.

“To begin with, we were a fairly diverse group of people working individually in different parts of the business, on different management levels and with different agendas. Some of us were experienced leaders – others were rookies in terms of leadership", he explains, remembering a time where these colleagues, new to one another, were still trying to find their legs as a team in a new environment.

The group’s unique and varied viewpoints prompted Zøllner to contact business psychologist Susanne Slotsager. He wanted her to help the group gel together – focus on teambuilding, developing personal and practical leadership tools for day-to-day challenges. This was an approach that had never before been used by the management in ABB Denmark – therefore a fair amount of skepticism where present.

Executive Coaching that help you remain calm and give room for leadership.

An executive leader is in the middle of a major reorganization. His challenge is to ensure his part of the organization a safe transition while being part of the transition himself. There is no status quo and it can sometimes be difficult to navigate, when the waves are going high.

Over a period of 1 year we met approx. every 3-4 weeks to ensure, that the leader himself and his team got through the massive changes. We worked on themes such as the leadership role in transition, followship, relationships, power, emotional reactions in the organization etc.

“It's not everything you can or should involve your employees in. As a manager you are both a support and a filter for your employees. It is you who create a calm atmosphere and room for your employees to work on the maintask. And that means you cannot involve everyone in everything. During these stormy weathers it was good to have Susannes as a sparring partner."

Team spirit and trust as a foundation for results.

“We had an exercise around our lifeline where we told each other where we come from, what you have experienced and what you are shaped by. It takes courage totell it - and you also get vulnerable by listening to it. You find out that youare not the only one whith a luggage."

"The dynamic that enter the room when we trust each other - what happens when we share things that matters to us ... For some, it can be interpreted as an exposure - for others it is something that helps to create a team. The exercise helps you to trust each other."

This is what a top manager says about a leadership team development process I was the catalyst for. The management team was newly establish through a merger of two large Danish companies. The task was to build trust and respect to maintain focus and results. We worked with strengthening the relationships in the team and thereby creating a new foundation and starting point for the leadership team.

Lion King or Paper Tigers

- leadership in an off-shore perspective

All theory and science shows that leaders’ behaviour cascades all the way down through the organisation. Good leadership will release energy to focus on the main task and will have significant impact on safety and efficiency going forward. It may all be about money, but what you invest on the top will show directly on the bottom line.

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