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“Susanne Slotsager has created an atmosphere of safety and trust for us, where there is a willingness to work together on our day-to-day challenges. With simple and accessible tools, she has successfully created a solid foundation. Her feedback on our daily routines and dilemmas has been both honest and valuable. We’ve been able to self-assess and are now able to expand our personal development into our respective areas – which might be the most crucial result of all.”

Tom Zøllner
Business Unit Manager, ABB

"Some people like to get attention...Susanne is more withdrawn. That does not mean, she has no impact  - because she does. It is just not her, who is centre of attention. I like that a lot!"

Søren Lockwood
CCO, Danica Pension

"Thank you for guiding us through important considerations and 
reflections. We now have a strong new foundation"
Bente Bang
Vicepresident, Danske Kreds

"When you meet a person presenting a complex area like personality test it is of course a condition that she is professionally qualified for the task. When meeting Susanne, who is also an excellent communicator and a pleasant person, it all comes together. To recommend Susanne is not only deserved - not to would be all together unmerited." 

Henrik Kyst
Partner i Automatters

"When you normally tell people when they need to step up, one also need to let people know when they are excellent. And Susanne is excellent. After 2 days with Susanne facilitating leadership development I am left with the impression, that Susanne is very engage and competent. I am basically impressed by her passion and ability to communicate."

Katja Brunbjerg Muff
Head of HR and Labour Relations, Group HR, Danske Bank

"She strengthens me by seeing dynamics that I have not paid attention to before. And when I grasped something - something that has been in my subconscience  Then she grasp it, clarify it and help me make my unconscious thoughts conscious. 

Jørn Rindom Pedersen
Head of Process Flow Assurance and Engineering, Total 

"It was a pleasure to hire you as a catalyst. 
You were invisible and at the same time very present"

Kirsten Ebbe Brich
President, Danske Kreds

"Susanne has been my coach and sparring partner for a period of time. In all sessions the coaching was based on concrete dillemmas and challenges. As a coach Susanne is always very present and emphatic. She is really good at comprehend and understand the dynamics and challenges in the organization." 

Jytte Spaniel
Vicepresident, DTU Science Park