A time out
for reflection.

”We do not learn from experience…
we learn from reflecting on experience” (John Dewey).

Decisive Dialogues focus on a specific topic or challenge and help the leadership team to align, create trust and common accountability.  

We aim for high performance and the constructive dialogue. 
Discussions in leadership teams are often characterized by defence, power struggle, silo thinking, formal/informal roles and positioning. Tension starts to rise in the team and the not so constructive  dialogue takes over. 

Decisive Dialogues ensure a constructive tone, goes a step deeper and works with different experiences, insights and understanding of the department or organization. Rational arguments are often attached to an emotional or value based starting point. When taking time out to reflect upon different insights, we create a safe room for alignment, trust and common accountability. Al necessary to become high performers!

What do you gain as a leadership team?

  1. Alignment and common ground in the leadership team.
  2. Break down silo thinking and sub optimization.
  3. Clearer decision power.
  4. A leadership team that becomes a role model of a learning organization.

We prioritize time for Decisive Dialogues and through reflection and by including the irrational, interpersonal and emotional dynamic of the topic or challenge the leadership team gets a deeper understanding on the views and positions in the team. This focus creates alignment, common ground and builds trust in the leadership team.