Executive Coaching

As your executive coach, I help you put into words what is not being said, zoom in on the challenges you face, and help you focus on what matters.

With me by your side, you will have a room for ventilation, testing, challenge and be challenged in. You will be able to understand and express your challenges as well as gain insights into your next move.

I set the framework, ask the questions and act as a catalyst for you to develop - but it is you who achieve the goal.

Executive Coaching with SLOTSAGER help you get followership by using feelings in a constructive and authentic way.

The authentic leader creates followership when he/she has the courage to show the person in the role, be transparent and capable of becoming attached to the people around him/her. When leaders detach themselves only focusing on results or KPIs, it is limiting to the people around him/her.

In dynamic coaching we work closely together on a concrete professional problem or challenge of yours. We uncover the thoughts and feelings that prevent you to become the best version of yourself. 

We will touch upon topics as power, role, authority, identity and followership.

"She strengthens me by seeing dynamics that I have not paid attention to before. And when I grasped something - something that has been in my subconscience  Then she grasp it, clarify it and help me make my unconscious thoughts conscious. 

Jørn Rindom Pedersen
Head of Process Flow Assurance and Engineering, Total 


Executive DynamicCoaching is conducted in a professional and confidential room. To ensure development I recommend min. 5 sessions of 1,5 hours.  

"Susanne has been my coach and sparring partner for a period of time. In all sessions the coaching was based on concrete dillemmas and challenges. As a coach Susanne is always very present and emphatic. She is really good at comprehend and understand the dynamics and challenges in the organization." 

Jytte Spaniel
Vicepresident, DTU Science Park