Authenticity, presence and trust.

Three qualities that make the individual work in the group, make teams perform and make reorganizations succeed. In a world where things go fast, everyday life is becoming increasingly digitalized and decisions are being made 24/7, it is crucial to stop. 

Stop and have a look at yourself, stop the endless back-to-back meetings, look each other in the eyes and sense the dynamic. Identify the processes beneath the surface, between you and your colleagues and what comes in the wake of the changes.

I know that a team works best if there is a focus on both the rational and the irrational dynamics. When I develop leadership teams, high performance teams and work with dysfunctional teams, it is always with business in focus and people in the center.

 You can have as much control over strategy, roles and tasks, but if you do not include the defense mechanisms, informal roles, values ​​and culture, then you and your team do not perform at your best. Without authenticity, presence and trust, we lose faith in ourselves and each other. And that is not good for business.

Leadership Team Development

I help you get results through meaningful processes.

Catalyst for the successful team

I help you get results through meaningful processes.

Decisive Dialogues - Talks that matter!

Take time out
to reflect on an
important challenge.

Personal profiles and team tools

Create awareness of own prefrences and team dynamics. 


Your timeout
to reflect and develop
in you role.

Enhancing Career Development

Your personal journey towards reaching your potential.