Leadership Team

When the going gets tough, it is you they are looking at. You, who need to show direction, you, who need to take responsibility, you, who create the necessary framework for the company and the people to achieve the goals.  

In such times, it is good to know that there are actually processes that get your team through the stormy weather. That there are methods and proven models to help you. And that I at SLOTSAGER have it all under control.   Like you, I work with people - not necessarily to create a better world – but to create a successful team that gets results – also under extreme conditions. 

"When you normally tell people when they need to step up, one also need to let people know when they are excellent. And Susanne is excellent. After 2 days with Susanne facilitating leadership development I am left with the impression, that Susanne is very engage and competent. I am basically impressed by her passion and ability to communicate."

Katja Brunbjerg Muff
Head of HR and Labour Relations, Group HR, Danske Bank

"Thank you for guiding us through important considerations and 
reflections. We now have a strong new foundation"
Bente Bang
Vicepresident, Danske Kreds

My comprehensive experience with leadership development, my own carrier as a top athlete as well as my solid psychological competence within group dynamics, are excellent competences when working with development of leadership teams. 

My expertise is primarily within: 

  • The new Leadership Team.
  • The Leadership Team implementing change.
  • The Leadership Team that is stucked in unhealthy dynamics.
  • The Leadership Team that aims for High Performing Team.