Personality and
Team profiles

Improve relationship and cooperation.

The different development tools help us to understand differences and personal preferences in a constructive way. Together we identify preferred ways to communicate, understand and handle assignments and issues and learn more about strengths and weaknesses. 

I work with you individually or with your team. In both cases you and/or your team will get insights and awareness on how to understand yourself and the group dynamics. We will work with topics like:

What are your strenghts?
What motivates you?
How do you make decisions?
How do you react under pressure?
How are the dynamics in your team? 

I have worked several years with psychometric tools certifying HR professionals as well as facilitating leadership team development based on tools like Hogan, JTI, MPA, EASI and FIRO-B. 

Together we choose the rigth solutions for you and/or your team.